Bronck Museum

When a birthday comes around a celebration is usually in order. From May to mid November 2017, 400 years after the birth of Pieter Bronck everyone is invited to a series of special time bending fun events designed to explore Pieter’s World. On the afternoon of Sunday May 21st the Bronck Museum will be throwing Pieter a birthday party. Visitors can spend some time with Pieter himself, his wife, one of his grandchildren and even his famous great great grandson Judge Leonard Bronck. Since birthday cakes didn’t exist in Pieter’s World a mound of 400 Dutch speculaas cookies will be served. There will be live music, food, goats (one of the most commonly owned farm animals in Pieter’s World) early amusements and games for children, craft demonstrations and, and the first tasting of Pieter’s Brew, a new and specially crafted beer prepared by Crossroads Brewery in Athens to be similar to the beer served in Pieter’s World.

On one Sunday afternoon in June, July and again in September this season’s Bronck Family at Home events highlight various aspects of Pieter’s World. Brewing on June 4th, Building on July 16th and Living on September 10th, the July and September events will be held in the cellar of Pieter’s 1663 house allowing visitors the EXTRA special opportunity to visit a largely unchanged and seldom seen interior space from Pieter’s World.

During the 1650s Pieter Bronck was a brewer and tavern keeper, so two of the EXTRA special events of the 2017 spring and summer season reflect this aspect of Pieter’s World. On the evening of August 12th Pieter Bronck himself will step out of history and journey to the Crossroads Brewery in nearby Athens for a fundraiser, a portion of sales of Pieter’s Brew on that evening will benefit the operations of the Greene County Historical Society’s Bronck Museum and Vedder Research Library. On the following Saturday evening August 19th Pieter will be at Home in a setting with which he was well acquainted, a mid 1600s tavern. Pieter’s 1663 dwelling will be transformed into a country tavern. This EXTRA special event offers guests the rare opportunity to experience the convivial sociability of an early country tavern.

And that not all!  There will be more events in the Fall celebrating Pieter's 400th birthday. Check back here for more details as we get closer. For additional information about Bronck Museum and all our special and EXTRA special events visit, or call (518)731-6490     

Hudson Valley's Oldest Home

The Bronck Museum complex includes the eleven remaining structures that once comprised the Bronck family farm. The land was purchased from the local Mohican tribe in 1662 by Pieter Bronck, a Swede and his Dutch wife Helletje Jans. Pieter built the first dwelling on the farm in 1663. In 1738 Pieter's grandson Leendert built his house a few feet to the north of the 1663 dwelling. The two separate houses were then connected by a fully enclosed brick passage providing the family with a unified living space. A New World Dutch Barn and a Kitchen Dependency were erected in the late eighteenth century. By the early 1800's the farm had become the single most valuable property in the county. During the nineteenth century as both the Bronck family and their farm prospered, additional barns and farm structures were built. The family maintained continuous ownership of the farm for 276 years passing it from parent to child, for eight generations. In 1939 the last family owner gave the eleven structures and surrounding acreage to the Greene County Historical Society to serve as the Society's headquarters museum.