Bringing Bronck Museum Programs to You

Looking for a program for your club, church, society or other adult group?

The Bronck Museum can help you. The Museum offers a variety of programs presented by Bronck Museum staff or volunteers at your meeting place.


The following programs are currently available.

Chocolate: A Not So Sweet History

Explores the historical development of chocolate production and consumption in colonial America.

The Lives of Women in America
A candid exploration of the physical and social realities of women's lives during various historical periods.
General Nathanael Greene
Costumed first person interpretation of the Revolutionary War  hero, for whom Greene County is named.
Dutch Foodways
An exploration of the social, cultural and economic role in Old and New Netherland.
Where Did You Get That Name
A study of the origins of place names from the New York City area to the Capital District.
Food Through History
A look at food from the Mohican Indians to space travelers including the foods eaten, methods of preparation and the utensils and appliances they used.
The Van Bergen Overmantle
An opportunity to discuss and investigate this historically significant landscape painting of Dutch colonist Martin Van Bergen's farm in Leeds c. 1731.
Tulip Mania
Explores horticultural and financial history of tulips in early seventeenth century Holland.
Additional Programs

Current programs can be adapted for your group. For example, the Museum has several "What's It" programs including collections of artifacts and reproductions of artifacts. In this program, participants identify the objects and how they were used. Museum volunteers can work with your group to select the best collection.


Have a special interest for a program and you don't see it listed? Call the Museum and talk to staff about your need and the expected audience.

Program Fees
The Bronck Museum is a non-profit organization which receives no public monies for presentation of off-site programs. A nominal fee is requested to cover the cost of delivering the program for your group.
  • Basic Fee $20.00

Includes a presentation, any equipment needed for the program, hand-outs and transportation within a 50 mile round trip.


  • Add-ons $5.00 per item

An extra amount is requested for each of the following: Mileage in excess of 50 miles round trip; presentation by a costumed individual; inclusion of artifacts; or inclusion of food for tasting.


Participants in off-site programs receive a $1 discount coupon for a future on-site visit to the Museum.

To Make Arrangements
Please call Shelby Mattice, Bronck Museum Curator at (518) 731-6490 at least 30 days in advance of the desired date. Be prepared to discuss the type of program which you would like and the expected audience. The requested fee will be computed at that time.