Volunteer Opportunities

The Bronck Museum and Vedder Research Library welcomed over 3,000 members of public in 2010. These visitors were greeted by many of our faithful volunteers. As a volunteer based not-for-profit organization dependent on the leadership of a volunteer Board of Trustees and five paid staff members, we are always looking for new volunteers.

We need volunteers to:

  • Welcome visitors and sell tickets at the Museum
  • Present a portion or the entire tour at the Museum
  • Work in the Gift Shops
  • Research and write articles for the Journal
  • Work with the collection at the Library
  • Research and answer information requests at the Library
  • Serve on the Historic Register Committee
  • Provide general assistance and serve food at Museum special events

The volunteer activities can range anywhere from one day, to specified days during the Museum season or to one day week throughout the year.

We hope you will consider volunteering for the Society as it can be a rewarding and interesting experience.

Bronck Museum Volunteers

Contact: Shelby Mattice

Phone: 518-731-6490

Email: gchsbm@mhcable.com

Vedder Research Library Volunteers

Contact: Linda Hunt

Pone: 518-731-1033

Email: gchsvl@vedderlibrary.org

Historic Register Committee Volunteers

Contact: Harrison Hunt

Email: 18goldini95@gmail.com

Journal Articles

Contact: Bob D'Agostino

Email: bobdag.email@gmail.com

2011 Volunteer Recognition Event